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Beat The Heat

Summer is at peak, even DELHI (INDIA) recorded temperature of 
48 degrees this June. Hospitals are flooding with patients 
suffering from heat-stroke, dehydration and other related ailments.
Even, cases of deaths have been reported from some places.

In view of this, it becomes important to know how to keep
ourselves healthy during summers. Here are few tips for same.

1. Avoid going outside, especially from 11am till 4pm.
2. If going out is inevitable then 
   (a) use sunscreen of higher SPF to prevent skin damage
   (b) cover your head with wide-brimmed hat
   (c) wear sunglasses to avoid eye-related problems

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink, atleast, 8-10 glasses of water. 
Drinking infused water is even better. Its easy to make. 
Just leave slices of lemon, berries or mint overnight/ 1-2 hours. 
Citurs fruits like lemon and grapefruits removes toxins from body,
 berries are good anti-oxidants and mint aids digestion. Cocunut water,
 buttermilk, lassi, green-tea and sharbat are other good options. 
4. Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate your body.
5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 
6. Limit intake of non-vegeterian items.
7. Avoid fried/oily foods and heavy meals. 
8. Don't eat roadside food. 
9. Reduce the duration and intensity of workouts. 
This will avoid dehydration due to excessive
10. Avoid drinking contaminated water.

Follow above tips and enjoy summers!!!