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Heart pills do more harm than good

Cardiologists in their research at famous UK hospitals have found that heart pills don't do any good but cause harm.

They reported that Statins (rosuvas, atorvas etc) are most prescribed drugs for controlling cholesterol. These drugs can increase life expectancy by only four days at cost of memory-loss, muscle ache, sleep disturbances and many more side effects.

Such drugs can be given to patients with established cardio-vascular disease but should be avoided for those who can develop heart-disease in next 10 years. For such patients, better diet and regular exercise can replace need of statins.

Better diet and regular exercise will help in controlling weight and high blood sugars which are common causes of heart disease.

Moreover, after two decades it has been established that cholesterol alone is not the cause of coronary artery diseases. 

New tests like Fat Attenuation Index are more accurate in diagnosing coronary artery disease compared to old scanning methods.

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Daily Express, 14th July, 2017 (UK)