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Foods to curb your cravings

We, often, feel cravings for sweets and sometimes, salty items. To curb our cravings, we gulp chocolates and somasas which make us feel comfortable because these items raise seratonin levels, a neurotransmitter.
We never try to understand why such cravings happen or that we are satisfying ourselves with junk.
We have food cravings usually due to low blood sugars, some nutritional deficiencies, or may be due to factors like stress and  depression.
Having understood the reasons for cravings, better solutions become obvious and logical. Some of them are listed below:
* Keep eating healthy food items every two hours so that blood sugars are stable
* Keep drinking water, may be lemon juice or lime. Green tea is another healthy option. These items will keep us hydrated and help in differentiating between thirst and cravings.
* Opt for fruits when you have cravings for sweets. If you go for chocolate or sweets then they will raise the sugar level in spike followed by subsequent dip leading to further cravings.
* Fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt will keep other nutritional requirements e.g. phosphorus, calcium, chloride, magnesium, manganese fulfilled.
So, next time you have cravings, satiate them with above recommendations and dump the junkies.