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Overcoming Depression

Psychologist will tell his ways to overcome depression like proper sleep, exercise, listening to soothing music, socializing etc.

A doctor will talk of need for serotonin, tryptophan, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Selenium, zinc.

For you, it boils down to include certain items in your diet. They are:
* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Whole Grains
* Fibre rich foods
* Fish - Salmon and Tuna
* Eggs
* Beans
* Walnuts
* Flaxseeds
* Canola Oil
* Supplements - Vitamin B12, Folate
* Legumes
* Lean Meat
* Vitamin D - Morning Walk
* Zinc - Pumpkin Seeds, Poultry
* Dark Chocolate upto 30gm daily

And, of course, certain things to avoid:
* caffeinated beverages
* sugar items
* fried food

So, follow these and keep smiling :)