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Rainy Season and Kids

Kids enjoy dancing in the rain while parents worry that they may fall ill.

Parents' worry is justified as rain not only brings relief but many diseases too like Common Cold, Flu, Cholera, Skin Infections etc.

Here are some preventive and curative tips:

I) Give kids Vitamin C in natural form like citrus fruits or substitute for

II) Ask kids to take shower after rain dance, so as to wipe off bacteria that may enter body and cause Infections

III) Kids may feel less thirsty due to drop in temperature, still give them enough water to eliminate toxins from the body

IV) Give some hit drinks like hot milk, coffee, soup etc after kids get drenched in water. This will reduce the body cold and chances of Infections.

V) Keep children away from family members suffering from seasonal illness.

Even better, don't allow kids to go out in rains without raincoat or umbrella.