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Constipation - Problem One, Advises Many

Constipation is one of the common problem - almost every family has a member who is troubled by constipation. Experienced people will give different solutions to this single problem.

My grandmother used to eat papaya, my father took Isabgol, my mother advocates munaqqa, my alopathic doctor gave lactulose to my son, my uncle told about sepository, my doctor aunt gave Bryonia to my son, my mother-in-law suggested Bal Ghutti...So, you see its one common problem with many common solutions.
And beauty is they all worked equally well.

To make things little less confusing, I plan to consolidate all these approaches as series of articles.

We are starting with homoeopathy.

Bryonia Album 30 -- for hard stopped motions

Plumbum Metallicum 30 -- for very hard stools

Alumia 30 -- for delayed motions with no bowl movement

Naturum 30 -- for chronic constipation

In the coming weeks, we will learn about alopathic, ayurvedic, yoga, and naturopathic ways to treat constipation. Lifestyle changes will also be suggested.