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Age Defying Recipe

As you grow older, your skin becomes dull, wrinkles appear along with dark spots and pigmentation.

And your skin becomes your age indicator. If proper care is not taken then you may even look much older than you actually are.

Resorting to cosmetic treatment (better to say chemical treatment) will only put a fake mask with underlying skin getting even worse. A recent research finds that 60% of the cosmetics get absorbed doing some damage and if not of good quality can even cause cancer.

So, is there any way to safely defy your age. Answer is Yes. Always things that come from nature or close to earth are best and safe solution for any issue.
Although citing this may seem irrelevant but is required to prove the fact. One of the richest man says he invests in things that come from earth e.g. land, gold, gems etc.

So, for your skin, things that come from nature are fruits, veggies, and nuts.

For glowing, wrinkle free, and smooth skin, you need fruits and veggies that boost production of collagen and reduce its breakdown. These are fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Here are few such fruits and veggies:
Sweet Potatoes
Red Chilli Peppers
Dark Chocolates

So, start consuming them and look younger than your age.