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Ten Smart Ways to Use Room Heaters

We feel so comfortable in using room heaters during winters that we forget harm it is causing us.

Let us see what harm it can do and what are the smart ways to use room heater.

1. Sitting too close to room heater may damage blood vessels beneath your skin, making it dull and dry.

2. Room heater or blower may dry up your room leading to itching, redness or dryness of your skin. Prolonged exposure can cause breathing difficulty, cough, headache, pimples and patches.

3. Room heater may dry up your skin fast leading yo itching which you may feel is due to some woolens you are wearing.

4. Use of hot water bags/bottles can cause inflammation or pigmentation. It may also cause rise of your body temperature and
even dehydration.

Smart Ways to use Room Heater

1. Drink lot of water. A very good habit, otherwise also.

2. Don't close your room tightly. Let there be circulation of fresh air.

3. Don't sit for long near room heater. Instead, take frequent walks, even inside the room.

4. Keep room heater at a distance from your sitting place.

5. Don't switch on heater for full day. Keep switching it off frequently.

6. Use good moisturizer. You may also use Olive or Coconut oil.

7. Use sulphate free skin cleanser. This will not deprive your skin of water.

8. Go for Oil Radiators. They are a bit costly but will not harm you.

9. Keep a bowl of water in room where you are using heater.

10. Try layered clothing to beat the chill and avoid heater all together.