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Sensible Eating for Weight Loss/Weight Management

1. Eat all seasonal vegetables including carrots & radish but excluding potato
2. Eat all seasonal fruits except these 5 fruits: Mango, Banana, Cheeku, Litchi & Grapes
3. Use curd and paneer made from toned milk..double-toned is still better
4. Non-veggies can eat boiled/roasted chicken, fish, egg whites
5. Steamed/Roasted/Boiled Idli/dhokle/Plain Dosa/Roasted chana/sprouts are good eating options
6. Lemon water/ coconut water
7. Whole cereals: Dalia & Oats
8. Refined oil:  1-1/2 tsp per day
9. Sugar: 1-1/2 tsp per day
10. Salads: comprising of onion, tomato, cucumber, kakri, cabbage, raddish, carrot