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Morning Banana Diet Plan - Best, Cheapest, Easiest Diet Ever For Weight Loss

The morning banana diet is a new diet that got the Japanese crazy, and making waves around the world, and every diet has plans & rules. If it works for you, then you are successful in eating less food, since this diet generally do this by making eating less convenient or a little harder through restricting what or when you can eat. You will also need motivation for you to be successful in any diet.

1. Eat a banana for breakfast - you can eat more than one. You should only eat uncooked, raw, and unfrozen bananas. If you are still hungry after 15 to 30 minutes, then you can have oatmeal.

2. Eat normally for lunch & dinner - Take your dinner before 8pm, but 6pm is better. On the types of food or amount you can eat for lunch and dinner, there are no explicit limits. In practice, try to cut the amount of rice you eat and find substitutes for fried foods. You are also more aware of what and how much you are eating and how healthy it is. Dessert with dinner or any of your meals is also not recommended for morning banana diet.

3. Drink only water - preferably filtered or mineral, must be in room temperature, not chilled or hot, should be drunk in small sips. Non-caloric beverages like coffee, tea, and diet soda are generally somewhat frowned upon, and water is encouraged as much as possible. Milk products are also discouraged. Milk products is discouraged.

4. You may eat an afternoon snack - fresh fruit for snack are recommended, but if you want sweets you should not deny yourself.

5. Go to bed early - Aim for a 4-hour period between your last meal and bedtime.

6. Exercise only if you want to, since there is no pressure in this diet, but try to do some walking every day.

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