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Homoepathic Remedy To Sleep Disorders

Medicine: Coffea 30

I have recently tried this medicine and found quite effective.

Coffea is useful for those who experience overly excited or ecstatic states, perhaps precipitated by narcotics, a series of events, or a sudden shock, such as very good or very bad news. Such states can frequently trigger excessive exhilaration or despair, with an inability to calm down and insomnia or headaches. The nerves are taut, and the senses may be so acute that fresh air, noises, smells, and tastes seem unbearable. Hypersensitivity to pain, to the point where pain causes intense despair, is not unusual. Coffea may also help insomnia, palpitations, overexcitement, and flushing during the menopause.

Coffea is used to treat excessive mental activity that leads to insomnia and extreme sensitivity to pain, such as a bad toothache (pain that shoots downward from the teeth to the tips of the fingers) or labor pain. All five senses are acute and any noise is intolerable. Coffea is also given for menopause and overexcitement.

Insomnia - excess mental activity, making the mind race with thoughts and ideas. Sleep may be impossible for long periods, despite tiredness, due to a frustrating inability to switch off the mind. Any sleep obtained is interrupted by the slightest noise, since the nerves are stretched taut. Symptoms may often be due to pressure or stress involving work deadlines or exam revision.

Headaches - one-sided pain in the head, which feels as if a nail is being driven into it. Pain sets in upon waking, and can seem unbearable. It can extend to the ears and teeth, with possible facial neuralgia. Common triggers are tension, stress, or an overactive mind.

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