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Slow but Simple and Sure Ways to Permanent Weight Loss

I have lost 4 kgs in 4 months and still loosing more. I just followed these slow but simple and sure ways to permanent weight loss:
  • Do exercise regularly.
  • If not of gym sort then atleast walk for about 30 minutes a day at 3-4miles/hr speed. These 30 minutes need not be at single stretch. Why not walk down from work to home?
  • Control your diet. Eat 4-5 portions of small diets than 3 big ones
  • Avoid sweets, rice, potatoes, full-cream milk, ice-creams. Can't do so? Then, eat them in moderation.
  • Replace white bread with brown one.
  • Replace normal butter with fat free one.
  • Replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.
  • Use stairs at home or at work and not elevator.
  • Drink lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice in it as the first thing in the morning. It is not only a fat-burner but also good anti-oxidant. If lemon or honey is not there than atleast drink plain warm water.
  • Avoid munching before sleep time. Only warm skimmed milk with not sugar can be taken for better sleep.
  • Have your dinner before 3 hours to sleep.
  • Have a light walk in the open before going to bed.
  • Do some physical activity with kids in the garden
  • If had a heavy lunch/dinner at a party then following it with light meal next time.
  • Leave the transport with which you commute one stop before and then walk down to your destination.
  • Imagine yourself having a slim figure.
  • If you are not overweight but pear shaped then do ab crunches to flatten your tummy.