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Free and Effective Medicine for All Diseases

Therapy by water. Yes, by water. I came to know about this from one of the passenger who was travelling with me from Delhi to Bangalore in Rajdhani Train on 7th Sep, 2007.

He told me about this water therapy. He told that its a medicine for each and every problem. People learn a lot by telling this therapy in America which he was telling me for free. I did not take his words seriously. On reaching my destination, I thought why not try this recipe as it does not cost you anything. Results were instant and marvellous. I did water therapy for being active through out the day in the course I was attending at IISc, Bangalore.

Later, I tried it on my friends for various other problems like constipation, gas problem, weight management, and many others. It was really beneficial to all of them.

By this time, you must be interested in knowing what this therapy is like. So, here is the therapy. All you need is two 1 litre water bottles. Now, in the morning without brushing your teeths, you have to drink these 2 litre water and don't take breakfast for next 1 hour. This is all. If you cannot drink 2 litre of water then drink whatever maximum you can. But, remember water has to be taken without brushing your teeths and you should not eat anything for next 1 hour. Why this is so? The medical reason is that there are some bacteria which helps in digestion which are there in the mouth in the morning, so they need to be transported to your stomach where they take around 1 hour to do the needful so you should not have breakfast for next 1 hour. So, if you r digestive system is right then you will not have any health related trouble.

Feeling a bit unhygenic as I felt initially. OK, if so then do brush your teeth in the night before sleep.

If it really helps you then instead of thanking me, thank that stranger who taught me this. I don't had any problem since the time, I am taking this therapy. I did not had cold when all my colleagues were down with that.