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What to do when a child swallow a non digestable item?

No matter how much care we take of our kids, sometimes they put us in catch-22 situation. Here is a simple remedy when a child swallows something other than eatable. My son who was about 4 years old at that time, took a crystal ball in his mouth which slipped inside him. He came rushing and narrated what had happened. I could see that ball below is neck skin and just another moment, it got down further. My wife started crying. It was a festival day. We rushed him to emergency ward of a nearby hospital. The doctors there examined him and told that there's not much to worry as the ball is not in respiratory tract. We thanked God. The following X-ray confirmed that it was in his bowel. Doctors gave some common medication and advised to give bulky diet. They also precautioned that if ball does not come out in another 48 hours then they will operate to take it out.
36 hours passed almost sleepless but it did not come out. Finally, my relatives and friends came to know about the incident and started calling us over phone. It was then when my cousin who is a homoeopath advised not to worry and to give Silicea 200 (a homoeopathic medicine) to my son. Medical stores were closed and we could not get this medicine. I could get it when only about 3 hours were left to dreaded 48 hours. I gave 2 doses of Silicea and to our happiness, the ball came out in his motions.
In the next post, I will tell more homoeopathic medicines which has done miracles from my own experiences.