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Childhood Asthma

Childhood asthma is a common problem among children living in Indian metro cities. Many parents even don't know that their children have this problem and they get them medicated for common cold & cough.

Childhood asthma requires great care of the child. Usually, it disappears by the age of 5-6 and if not by 12 years of age then the child has to bear it life long. Although common but sometimes childhood asthma can be dire consequences if proper care and medication is not given in time.

My own son was suffering from this problem. We were not even knowing this until once he fell ill and had to be admitted into an Intensive Child Care Unit (ICCU).

Post discharge summary says that he had broncho pneumonia attack and is suffering from childhood asthma. Lot of medicines were prescribed to be taken for six months alongwith 6 times nebulization a day.

At that moment, I thought why not consult an homoeopath as well. His confidence was enough for us to know that child will be health in a week's time with no troublesome medications. Firstly, the doctor told that since children are fond of salted chips and other such snacks which gets stick inside the throat causing irritation and then taking cold drink worsens the situation. He gave medicines for 1 week and advised to avoid salted chips, cold drinks etc. We did as advised and touch wood, my child never had problem because of his diagnozed asthma.

I cannot tell you the medicines as that doctor never tell medicine names but I can assure you that if your child also has this problem then atleast give homoeopath a try.