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Beat The Heat

Summer is at peak, even DELHI (INDIA) recorded temperature of 
48 degrees this June. Hospitals are flooding with patients 
suffering from heat-stroke, dehydration and other related ailments.
Even, cases of deaths have been reported from some places.

In view of this, it becomes important to know how to keep
ourselves healthy during summers. Here are few tips for same.

1. Avoid going outside, especially from 11am till 4pm.
2. If going out is inevitable then 
   (a) use sunscreen of higher SPF to prevent skin damage
   (b) cover your head with wide-brimmed hat
   (c) wear sunglasses to avoid eye-related problems

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink, atleast, 8-10 glasses of water. 
Drinking infused water is even better. Its easy to make. 
Just leave slices of lemon, berries or mint overnight/ 1-2 hours. 
Citurs fruits like lemon and grapefruits removes toxins from body,
 berries are good anti-oxidants and mint aids digestion. Cocunut water,
 buttermilk, lassi, green-tea and sharbat are other good options. 
4. Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate your body.
5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 
6. Limit intake of non-vegeterian items.
7. Avoid fried/oily foods and heavy meals. 
8. Don't eat roadside food. 
9. Reduce the duration and intensity of workouts. 
This will avoid dehydration due to excessive
10. Avoid drinking contaminated water.

Follow above tips and enjoy summers!!!

3 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Eating Less

Hello to all fitness freaks as well as fitness freaks in the making :)

You are here on this page already proves we have one concern in common - that is how to pave our way to Good Health !

I have been living this life for more than three and a half decaded and what I have learned about maintaining our fitness to as close to perfection as possible is simply by tricking our brain into doing what we want rather than simply expecting it to follow rules. Our brain is actually like our husbands ;) It is actually made to do work rather than to expecting it to work by itself,

I have almost mastered the following tricks and have successfully tricked my brain into eating less and hence achieving a milestone closer to my fitness goal,

  • Have you ever noticed how a meal served during a flight is completely fulfilling despite being very small in portion size. That is because the bowl size is very small and the food is filled upto the brim of the bowl. This leads our brain into thinking ample food has been provided and we are happily full in that miniscule quantity. - TIP 1 - Use very small crockery for serving food , spread the food as much as possible and place it in a large tray

  • Whenever I feel cravings for extra food in between my meals, I tend to tell myself - Let me complete this work then I will eat. Then I take a glass full o f water. Believe you me this trick has helped me keep extra food at bay for a long time and has worked wonders in my weight loss program - TIP 2 - Complacence works here as your best friend - practice it here without guilt
  • I used to eat my food very fast and hence never used to realize the quantiy I was taking in within very short span of time. Our digestive juices take at least 15 minuits to begin their work. So, the trick here is to chew your food very very slow . I got into this habit by starting to count my bite to 32 chews and then swallow it. Very soon this helped me form a habit of eating slowly and allowing my stomach those 10 to 15 minuites to start releasing digestive juices and digest it to release  energy   and VOILA! soon I was eating lesser food and my stomach was happy too.TIP 3 = Chew your food slowly to allow your magical digestive juices to do you favours in lesser quantity of food !
    Trust me guys, these 3 tricks will be a life saver for you . I have tried and tested them on me and have been successfuly able to shed few pounds without exercising. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Follow these simple tricks . Please share your experiences with me soon. Till then Happy Fooding!

How to get quick relief in pain accompanied with fever?

Dengue, chikunguniya and even viral fever are followed by body pain. The difference is in frequency. In case of dengue, pain is for more duration than in viral fever. In chikunguniya, in 80% of the cases, pain lasts for 2-3 weeks but in 20% cases, it can go up to few months and whole year.

Moreover, in case of viral, it's muscle pain but in chikunguniya it's joint pain.

Allopathic Treatment
Painkiller should be avoided as far as possible, especially by diabetics, heart and kidney patients.
Painkillers should not be taken empty stomach.
Paracetamol 500-650 mg is not only fever but also a safe painkiller. Those not having fever can take Tramadol, Domadol, Ultracet, Accupain 50-100mg 2-3 times a day.

Homoeopathic Treatment
Eupatorium Perfoliatum 30
Rhus Tox 30
And in case of chikunguniya pain, Lycopersicum 30 can be taken 3-4 times a day - 5 globules or 2 drops liquid.
This can be taken as long as pain lasts.

Ayurvedic Treatment
Giloy, Guduchi, Amrita, Amla, Sonth with honey, turmeric boiled in milk, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Yograj Gugool can be taken in liquid form or as capsules for duration for which pain lasts.

Role of Massage
Hot or cold massage can provide relief in pain. If pain is piercing and more than cold massage is better. Hot massage to be avoided if patient is having fever. Put ice is polythene and wrap in a thin cloth for cold massage and for hot massage, hot water bottles or towel soaked in hot water can be used. Alternate, hot and cold massage can also be tried.

Gels and Creams
Iodex, an ayurvedic preparation, is good. Diclofenac Sodium creams like Volini, Voveron can also be used but to be avoided in elderly cases.
Water based gels are fast absorbed compared to oil based.

12-15 glasses of liquid - water, coconut water, buttermilk, ORS, lemon water, juice etc should be taken.
Tea and coffee to be avoided as they dehydrate.
Diet should be semi-solid.

For first few days, complete bed rest is suggested as fatigue may aggrevate pain.
Simple joint movements can be done while laying in bed.
Stretching and cardio exercises can be resumed after 8-10 days and strength exercises only after a month.

Role of Physiotherapy
If no relief in pain after 8-10 days then physiotherapy can be tried. Physiotherapy is more beneficial in case of elderlies.

Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

1. Aid in management of Diabetes
2. Keep Blood Pressure under control
3. Strengthens Muscles
4. Alleviate Fatigue
5. Improves Brain functioning
6. Support Healthy Vision

Dealing with Mid-day Slump

Here are few tips for dealing with mid-afternoon slump:

1. Include fruits, cereals and nuts, especially almond , in your breakfast and most important, never skip breakfast.

2. Keep yourself hydrated: 1/2 or 1 glass of water every hour.

3. Take break of 10 min every hour and walk around.

4. Take nap of 20 minutes

5. Reduce caffeine and sugary items.

6. Eat seasonal fruits twice a day.