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Heart pills do more harm than good

Cardiologists in their research at famous UK hospitals have found that heart pills don't do any good but cause harm.

They reported that Statins (rosuvas, atorvas etc) are most prescribed drugs for controlling cholesterol. These drugs can increase life expectancy by only four days at cost of memory-loss, muscle ache, sleep disturbances and many more side effects.

Such drugs can be given to patients with established cardio-vascular disease but should be avoided for those who can develop heart-disease in next 10 years. For such patients, better diet and regular exercise can replace need of statins.

Better diet and regular exercise will help in controlling weight and high blood sugars which are common causes of heart disease.

Moreover, after two decades it has been established that cholesterol alone is not the cause of coronary artery diseases. 

New tests like Fat Attenuation Index are more accurate in diagnosing coronary artery disease compared to old scanning methods.

Read complete report in

Daily Express, 14th July, 2017 (UK)

Curbing Sugar Cravings During Festive Season

With sweets all around - be it in shops or gifted to you, it's difficult to ignore them.

There are, however, certain foods that can curb your sweet cravings. Food that takes longer to digest and rich in fibre & protein helps in curbing sugar cravings.

Spices like cinnamon can be added to tea and even to coffee or sprinkled over subzi can curb sugar cravings.

Complex carbs like whole oats, multigrain breads, pasta, whole wheat, brown rice helps in curbing cravings by normalizing sugar levels.

Protein rich items like fish, eggs, tofu, chicken and lean meat also helps in curbing sugar cravings.

But, during festive seasons, thoda to banta hai. To balance this small sweet act, a moderate 150 min aerobic per week and as simple as brisk walking is sufficient.

Now, kuchh meetha ho jaye!!!

How To Keep Your Bones Healthy?

Due to sedentary lifestyle with almost no exposure to Sunlight and poor eating habits are leading to weakening of bones even at young age.

Regular exercise as simple as walking and including milk, Egg yolks, fish, soy, broccoli in our food can prevent osteoporosis. Calcium and Vitamin D that is required for absorption of Calcium supplements can be taken if required.

Bone densitometry test can be taken for unexplained pain in limbs and back. Matter to be taken seriously as the osteoporosis can cause multiple fractures.

HT Think dated 22nd Oct, 2016 explains it crisply.

Boost Your Immunity in Winters

To boost immunity this winter, eat following regularly:

1. Cauliflower
2. Cabbage
3. Spinach
4. Artichoke
5. Nuts
6. Ginger
7. Honey
8. Turmeric

Foods to curb your cravings

We, often, feel cravings for sweets and sometimes, salty items. To curb our cravings, we gulp chocolates and somasas which make us feel comfortable because these items raise seratonin levels, a neurotransmitter.

We never try to understand why such cravings happen or that we are satisfying ourselves with junk.

We have food cravings usually due to low blood sugars, some nutritional deficiencies, or may be due to factors like stress and  depression.

Having understood the reasons for cravings, better solutions become obvious and logical. Some of them are listed below:

* Keep eating healthy food items every two hours so that blood sugars are stable
* Keep drinking water, may be lemon juice or lime. Green tea is another healthy option. These items will keep us hydrated and help in differentiating between thirst and cravings.
* Opt for fruits when you have cravings for sweets. If you go for chocolate or sweets then they will raise the sugar level in spike followed by subsequent dip leading to further cravings.
* Fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt will keep other nutritional requirements e.g. phosphorus, calcium, chloride, magnesium, manganese fulfilled.

So, next time you have cravings, satiate them with above recommendations and dump the junkies.

5 Belly Fat Burning Foods

1. Berries: Strawberries & Blueberries. Good antioxidants.

2. Eggs: Preferably, egg whites

3. Green Beans: Make it part of your soup and salads. They have right amount of Carbs, Fats, and Protein and low calories

4. Oatmeal: Slow digesting. Curbs your appetite. Contains high amount of dietary fiber.

5. Nuts: Walnuts & almonds. Good source of fatty acids - Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats.

(as published in HT City, Sep 8, 2015)